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Whether you're an employee, one of our customers, or one of the lovely brands we work with, we love to hear from you! Please leave us a testimonial of your experience working with us. Email us your feedback at

Employee Testimonials:

I’ve worked for EthicalxChange / Laura Crawford Inc for three years. It’s been a dynamic and exciting experience working with over 20 lifestyle brands that are natural, ethical, and beautifully made and curating them for our natural grocery customers. Working for Laura has been a pleasure as she’s a true entrepreneur with innovative ideas and a kind, compassionate nature. She uses an intelligent and strategic approach to serve our customers and support our vendors. Always open to new and creative ideas, she addresses the needs of the business with savvy determination and inspires her employees to do the same. I’ve felt truly seen and valued working for Laura and had a lot of fun creating curated programs and providing the needed materials to drive the business to continued success in the marketplace. It’s been one of the most fun experiences of my working career.

- Sarah Shebanek, Program Manager

I’m loving how easy you folks are to work with!
- Annie Day, Former Wellness Buyer, Monadnock Food Coop/Keene, NH

Laura Crawford, Inc. is a gem of an agency to work with to help develop the lifestyle section of your wellness 
department. By working with Laura, you can be sure the products provided by her company are of great quality 
and meet the highest standards. Laura’s products have increased my lifestyle sales immensely. The customer 
service provided by this company has been efficient and effective allowing me to keep items well stocked, while 
also staying abreast of new and innovative products. I cannot say enough about Laura, and the impact her 
products have had on my lifestyle sub-department, increasing the growth of the wellness department as a whole. 
The numbers speak for themselves: Since we began working together, I have had double digit growth in my 
lifestyle section. I so appreciate Laura taking the time to come out and visit by store during our promotional 
seasons. Laura came to my store three times over the past six months for featured line POP UPs and plans to 
come again later this summer and fall. All events were extremely beneficial to continued departmental success, 
and I look forward to our continued partnership.
- Crystal Turner,  Wellness Manager, Oryana Community Co-op   


Thanks, Laura!  I love how easy you make things for me!
- Elizabeth Carver, Former Whole Body Team Leader, Whole Foods Market, Minnetonka 


You’re the best!
- Karen DiCesari, Former Whole Body Coordinator, Whole Foods Market | Mid Atlantic Regional Team  

I just wanted to reach out and let you know that your products have done AMAZING for us!! I only have a small 
amount left of everything from those companies. Thank you so much. I also wanted to see if you had any 
recommendations for any upcoming holidays, like valentine’s day. Any candles you suggest? Or any cute gifts to 
give to loved ones? 

- Morgan Simpson, General Merchandise Coordinator, Common Market Coop

THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!  Laura should be very happy with you .. you are so so Helpful. Merry Happy Holidays! 
- Tracie Little Wellness Manager Durham Co+op Market

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