Boho Gypsy

Boho Gypsy is a stylish line of jewelry for the modern and self-actualized woman. The line is forged from hand picked stones and metals, which are transformed into wearable art but artisans' hands whose traditional craftmanship is preserved through sustainable partnerships with Boho Gyspy.

This line is inspired by Indian culture and landscape, the country where all of the pieces are made, but it is influenced by countries across the globe.  

The semi-precious stones featured in many pieces of this line carry meaning far beyond their exterior. they are believed to have various properties and powers, including (but not limited to) protection, clarity, and tranquility. 

This line is handmade to order in India, and the minimum opening order is $350. All case packs and prices are listed in the catalog. Please inquire directly for current promotions!

Laura Crawford Inc

1 Langdon Street | Suite A

Madison WI 53703